Our Six Principles of Sustainable Recruiting

When we talk about sustainability today, we are primarily referring to the mutually dependent dimensions of ecological, economic and social sustainability. These aspects also matter in our field of work: For us, sustainability in HR consulting means promoting the economic success of companies in harmony with ecological compatibility and social justice. Thus, the following six principles are fundamental to our performance and commitment:


We want to help people develop continuously in their professional activities and thus advance their companies in the long term. At the same time, we are committed to ecological diversity and sustainable growth through our forest project.


We take responsibility for successful long-term staffing – both to our clients and to our candidates. Our relationship is characterized by openness, trust and reliability.


We capture the whole person. A position can only be filled profitably for all parties involved if the individual and cultural fit is right: Therefore, we strive to capture his or her competencies, values, needs and expectations as well as the individual cultural background.


In the selection process, we take the time to carefully and efficiently examine all parameters and relevant details. This includes extensive personal interviews with candidates, valid clarification of the assignment with the stakeholders involved, continuous mutual coordination in the search process, and careful compliance with standards and regulations. This quality is underpinned by our in-depth knowledge of the industries and processes.


During the entire consulting process, we attach great importance to the fairness and openness of the parties involved. For a working relationship at eye level, relevant information must be comprehensibly communicated and shared from the very beginning. This also includes clear contractual conditions and performance-based fees.

Equal opportunities

When filling a position, we make sure that no one is disadvantaged, i. e. on the basis of gender, age, religion, cultural affiliation, disability or social background. We apply the same standards and procedures to internal and external applicants. We are committed to equal access to management positions in line or on supervisory bodies. We are committed to helping women, who are still underrepresented in management and advisory board positions.