Let’s find the Best Ones for your Company.

A sustainably productive cooperation for all parties involved, characterized by appreciation, respect and success: That’s the goal at the end of our four-stage direct search.

Needs Analysis

We want to gain an authentic impression of the organization and the people who make up the company. To begin with, we therefore conduct in-depth interviews, ideally on your premises. In our 360-degree approach, we capture all relevant aspects of the vacant position.

In doing so, we gather opinions from those directly affected, from superiors and, if possible, also from work colleagues: What characterizes your corporate culture? How do you communicate, interact, and deal with customers and stakeholders? What experiences with previous job holders have been particularly positive? What are the expectations or sensitive issues related to the position? In the selection process that follows, all of this helps us to assess whether and how well the corporate culture and the individual “cultural profile” fit together.

Position Profile
Based on this diverse information and impressions, we develop a meaningful profile that differentiates and precisely describes the requirements of the position and the person who holds it. The company’s culture, mission statement and vision have their place in it, as do the competencies and qualifications required for the specific area of work. We then go into just as much detail when it comes to identifying the personalities who fit this profile.

Selection Process

The basis of every search is the detailed position profile as well as a carefully researched compilation of exactly those companies and organizations worth considering. In addition to the direct approach in the agreed target companies, we use other valuable sources such as recommendations, networks, databases, etc. and thereby expand the pool of potential qualified candidates.

Approaching the candidates requires particular sensitivity. When we make contact, we do so with a great deal of tact and discretion as well as, of course, the necessary professionalism. With discreet personal approach we finally create a basis of trust for the subsequent selection process.

The personal interviews with the candidates are conducted in a structured and systematic manner. Professional interview techniques and additional tools such as role-playing, assessment center and presentation exercises are used to closely examine professional and interdisciplinary competencies. Scientifically based aptitude diagnostics additionally deepen the insight into relatively stable personality traits, motives and competence fields of our interviewees.

Evaluation & Documentation
The interviews are documented carefully, in detail and in a structured manner according to the previously defined profile criteria. The interview impressions, testimonial evaluations and test results are incorporated into the exposés of the candidates, showing you who fits to your company to what extent and in which points.


We present those candidates to you who best match the requirements profile: After receiving our exposés, you decide whether you would like to meet all recommended candidates in person or make an even narrower selection. We also offer to accompany you during the personal introduction of the finalists and moderate the presentation meetings. If you wish, we will be happy to obtain references for you. We also advise the participants during the subsequent contract negotiations.

Contract & Onboarding

We care about a sustainable and successful integration of the selected person in your company! Therefore, our assignment does not end with the signing of the contract: In order to ensure an optimal start for both parties, we will gladly accompany you throughout the entire onboarding process.